3 Signs of Critters and Birds in Your Home

The greater Kansas City area is home to plenty of animals. Some of them are beloved pets. Many are ones we see at the park or in other natural settings go about their lives in a non-disruptive manner. However, more and more of them force their way into our homes and settle down there, oftentimes causing structural damage, eating food and transmitting diseases. This situation is cause for concern and should be addressed as soon as they are known or suspected.

What are some signs that you may have unwelcome guests?

I See One! I See Many! Help

This is the most obvious situation indicating that you have one or more animals in your house that you do not want there. However, don’t rest assured that if you see one mouse and shooed it out the door that your problem is solved. For one thing, many other mice may be inside too. Also, that same mouse may have gotten into your home through an opening in your foundation that you did not know about, and it may just re-enter that way shortly after you close the door.

Other situations that occur to many include finding raccoons under decks, bats in attics and birds flying around living rooms.

I Hear Something

You are settling down to binge watch episodes of your favorite show when you hear what sounds like rodents scurrying around or birds scratching the walls, which often occurs if they have become trapped in your walls. Baby birds chirping may also be heard if a nest has been made inside your home. You might also hear these animals chewing on something. In fact, if they find just the right spot, they may cause your lights to flicker and make watching Netflix a trying experience. This latter situation can also result in something much more serious as house fires have resulted from critters chewing through electrical wires.

I See Other Things That I Shouldn’t Be

Many of the indications of critters or birds having made their ways into your home are not as obvious as seeing or hearing them. Food that is missing or disrupted is one. Perhaps nibble marks have appeared on your food containers. Other things to look out for include droppings and urine trails while many critters leave dark, greasy trails as they squeeze through openings, so keep on the lookout for those as well. Maybe you have found wood chips or shingles on the ground outside your home, a possible sign that a bird has damaged that part of the house while making its way inside.

If you believe that you might have critters or birds in your home, make sure to contact Advantage Termite & Pest Control, and we will make sure that the only animals that you have in your house are ones you want there. We can also assist you if you come across issues with other pests such as bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and termites.

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