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There are over 200 species of squirrels in the world. In the United States there are only 5 species that can be found. Squirrels can be categorized into 3 types: tree squirrels, flying squirrels and ground squirrels. The most common squirrel in the Kansas City area is the gray squirrel, which is a tree squirrel.

Gray squirrels are gray in color, but can also have a brownish color, with a white underside and a large bushy tail. The head and body length is approximately 9-11 inches, and the tail is approximately 7-10 inches. An adult gray squirrel weighs anywhere from 14-21 ounces. They feed mostly on nuts and acorns as well as seeds, fruits, bulbs and flowers from other plants and trees. Gray squirrels can be found living anywhere from wooded areas, to cities, homes, and commercial properties.

It is common for squirrels to find their way into your property through soffits, underneath roof vents, and facia boards. Squirrels can chew through wood, shingles, plastic, and even soft metals. They are looking for a warm, dry place to store food and make nests for their litters which are born in the spring and fall. If the squirrel population is not controlled they will continue to chew holes around the exterior of the property to create more entry points. The most likely time to hear squirrels scurrying about in your attic are dawn and dusk. They are most active during the day leaving the attic in search of food and then later returning at dusk. You will not hear activity after nightfall because they are sleeping. If you hear activity primarily at night it is likely to be another type of animal such as raccoons.

In addition to the extensive damage that squirrels can cause on the exterior of the property, they also wreak havoc on the interior of the attic. Squirrels have 4 front teeth that never stop growing, they grow about 6 inches per year. Squirrels are constantly chewing on whatever they can find to ground down and maintain a manageable length of teeth. Some of the items they chew on in the interior are wood, air ducts, sheet rock, and wiring. Squirrels cause thousands of fires a year to homes and properties as a result of damaged wiring.

If you think you may have squirrels that have invaded the attic property you need a professional to get it taken care of before they cause any more damage. Call our office today at to have a wildlife technician come out to your business and complete a thorough inspection and identify the best trapping method to safely remove the squirrels. The technician will locate any entry points and seal them up as long as they are of reasonable size, ensuring that the critters do not return.

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termite pest control kansas city exterminator

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