7 Long-Term Solutions to Eliminate Pests from Your Home

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Most of us prefer giant spiders where they belong – outside your house as a Halloween decoration. 

Some things can deny you the peace of feeling relaxed in your home, and pests are one of them. Cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, and spiders can make your home unsettling, and scary. These unwanted guests also reproduce fast, often making it impossible to eliminate them using DIY pest treatments. 

While a local, trustworthy pest control company is vital, we also want to help you with long-term solutions to eliminate pests permanently before they take over your house.

Here’s what you need to know:


How to Achieve Long-Term Pest Control Success

1. Keep Your Kitchen Spotless

Always keep your kitchen clean because dirty floors, countertops, and corners are a haven for pests in your home. You should also use a disinfectant cleaner to wipe surfaces regularly and remove food particles. Please note that sometimes, this tip is only prevention and not an elimination solution. Sometimes the best answer is contacting qualified pest control professionals if you notice a frequent problem. 

2. Maintain a Clean Bathroom

Your bathroom should be clean and dry to prevent pests from making it their home. You should also use a toilet cleaner to clean your toilet bowl weekly. Don’t forget to give the sink a good scrub using a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner as often as possible.

Other areas to pay attention to include the shower curtains, which should be dry and mess-free. Ensure you also free the drain of leftover soap and hair when done using the shower. These measures will help you maintain a clean bathroom that doesn’t attract pests.

3. Dispose of Garbage Often

After hiring professional pest control services to get rid of pests, it’s best to dispose of garbage frequently. Doing so daily helps you avoid waste from accumulating in your home. Rodents and cockroaches love trash and will quickly creep into your home if you fail to dispose of it regularly. 

Besides, kitchen garbage can decompose and make your home smell unpleasant, so disposing of waste often is a win-win situation.

4. Clean the Area Around Your House

The area outside of your house is important too. The immediate area around your house should be clean to prevent pests like rats from making their home in long grass and bushes. Also, if there is stagnant water around your home, get rid of it as it encourages mosquitoes to foster there, leading to various other pests that feed on them.

Eliminating stagnant water reinforces the long-term effect of using professional pest control services to remove pests from your Kansas City home.

5. Don’t Keep Food Out for Long

Avoid keeping food out in the open for too long, mainly fruit, vegetables, and meat that spoil quickly. 

Moldy food can attract cockroaches, ants, rodents, and house flies; when they come, they are pretty hard to kick. You will likely struggle to eliminate pests if you don’t store food properly and dispose of rotting food and peels. We are here to help eliminate stubborn pest infestation if the problem gets out of control.

6. Install Screens on Your Windows

Fixing screens on your windows allows you to get fresh air into your house but helps prevent mosquitoes, spiders, house flies, fruit flies, and cockroaches from coming into the house. In Kansas City fall, when the temperature is mild, and the breeze is fresh, a good screen will ventilate your house while keeping your home insect-free, so you can still have the best of both worlds.

Additionally, you can also repair doors and ensure they fit the door frames, without leaving large gaps. Keep in mind insects can pass through tiny spaces, and ensuring the doors and windows fit the frames denies them entry into your house.

7. Contact a Long Term Pest Control Service

The most effective way to eliminate pests long-term is by enlisting the services of professional pest exterminators. At Advantage Termite and Pest Control, we know how to handle various pests and have the proper equipment, effectively ridding them so you can enjoy the peace and comfort of a pest-free house. In fact, all of our pest control services come with our 30-day guarantee.

As well as providing you peace of mind, a professional pest control service can also offer the following:


  • Accurate Pest Identification: Avoid confusion about pests and find the most effective extermination method.
  • Less Home Damage: Professional pest solutions can catch pests like termites before they create too much damage that may require costly repairs your home.
  • Protects Your Health: Some pests, such as ticks, cockroaches, and vermin, can carry harmful microorganisms that cause diseases. Trusting a professional pest control company means that pests are removed or prevented before becoming a problem, and protecting you and your family from avoidable health risks.


Time to Call the Best Pest Control Services in Kansas

Advantage Termite & Pest Control offers you the most effective pest solutions. Our expertly trained professionals are ready to help create a customized pest control program for you, which will help rid pests from your home long-term. Contact us today for a wide range of pest prevention and control solutions, and let’s get started!


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