Mouse Munchies: What Food Sources Do Mice Eat?

Mouse Eating Berry

The quickest way to draw mice into your home is by providing abundant food sources for them to feast on. Although mice aren’t known to be very picky eaters, certain food sources are much more likely to attract them if they are not disposed of properly — and surprisingly, cheese is not on the list!


Are you ready to rodent-proof your home? Here are six common food sources that mice and rats love, plus tips for safely storing these products out of rodent reach.


  1. Sweet Fruits and Berries

Mice and rats definitely have a sweet tooth, making fruits and berries desirable food sources for these little rodents. Any berry bushes near your home should be picked regularly to avoid leaving a trail of treats drawing unwanted guests to your doorstep. 


Similarly, keep an eye on your fruit trees and avoid leaving fallen apples or pears on the ground. Inspect fruit and berries for signs of nibbling and gnawing as you pick them — if you see any bite marks on the fruit, you could already have a rodent problem!

  1. Pet Food

You may not have a mouse or rat as a pet, but that won’t stop them from being drawn in by dog food in your kitchen or garage. If you have a dog, cat, or other pet, keep bags of pet food sealed tight and even stored indoors rather than in your garage, which can already be a common attractive location for pests. Ensure you’re not leaving tiny pieces of kibble under cabinets or around the dog bowl, and sweep up any spills so they are not left out after meal time.

  1. Nuts, Grains, and Seeds

Another rodent classic, anything small and nibble-worthy is sure to attract mice and rats to your home. Nuts, grains, and seeds should be stored away in sealed, airtight containers in your cabinets or pantry to ensure no furry pests find them.


If you suspect a rat or mouse infestation, store nut butters and spreads in your refrigerator, as even these high-protein snacks can attract rodents into your cupboards and pantry.

  1. Meats and Animal Fats

Who knew mice and rats have a carnivorous side? Although mice prefer nuts and seeds for their protein, rats can be notorious meat lovers. To keep the smell of meats out of your house, avoid leaving skillets and pans covered in leftover meat scraps and fats. Instead, wash them thoroughly and dispose of fats properly. Take out the kitchen trash often so you’re not leaving meaty leftovers and fat juices out where rats can find them.

  1. Scraps and Leftovers

Any scraps and leftovers sitting out for an extended period of time can be a food source for mice and rats, just as unwashed dishes sitting out with food scraps can be a feasting ground for an ant infestation. 


A tidy home is a pest-free home, so keep your kitchen clean! Start clearing food scraps from plates immediately after meals, taking out the trash regularly, sweeping the kitchen and dining room floors of any crumbs, and storing leftover food in the refrigerator inside sealed containers.

  1. Food in Cardboard Packaging

Be careful leaving food in cardboard packaging in your garage or even the pantry, as mice can easily chew through thin cardboard packaging and plastic bags. Cereals, crackers, and other snacks are safely moved to airtight glass or hard plastic containers rather than remaining in the original packaging.


Again, if you suspect mice or rats are already congregating around your home, in your garage, or even in your kitchen, make sure any food sources are stored away and rendered inaccessible!

Too Many Mice in the Kitchen?

Unless the mice invading your home are prone to singing songs and sewing dresses (only likely if your name is Cinderella!), then you probably have no interest in welcoming them into your household.


If you’ve seen the signs of a mice infestation in your home, don’t try to get rid of them on your own! DIY rodent removal methods like mouse traps may work in the short term, but they do nothing to prevent repeat infestations and can aid the spread of diseases these little invaders are known to carry.  Instead of letting the mice have their way or battling them on your own, give us a call at Advantage Pest Control and we’ll work with you to devise a swift and effective solution to your rodent problem.  Making sure to get rid of your rodents, as well as seal up any entry points into your home so they don’t make their way back in.

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