Can Rats Damage Your Home?

Rodents have a bad reputation for spreading diseases. Whether it’s rat-bite fever or the hantavirus, wild mice and rats should never share living spaces with people. Not only do they transmit diseases, but they also damage your home. Even bushy-tailed rodents like squirrels can affect your home in negative ways. If you suspect that rodents have invaded your living spaces, take quick action to prevent unnecessary damage.

3 Ways Rats Can Damage Your Home

They chew on everything.

Rats have incisors and molars, which are perfect for chewing things. In fact, they have to gnaw on something every day; otherwise, their front incisors will continue growing and cause health problems as they mature. When rodents invade homes, they chew through walls and wires. They’ll even gnaw on boxed goods, furniture and other miscellaneous items.

They contaminate surfaces.

Rats turn your home into a contaminated area as they scurry undetected during the night. When they’re in the walls, their urine soaks through the drywall, costing you money to repair; it’s also a health hazard and threatens your family. They leave feces along the edges of the walls and the countertops, including beneath the cabinets and in the drawers. It can cost hundreds of dollars to clean or to replace the contaminated surfaces.

They build nests in bad locations.

Roof rats will sometimes build nests in gutter systems, creating clogs and causing water damage along the fascia. Clogged gutters also overflow and cause pools of water near the foundation. The water can seep into crawlspaces and basements and lead to wood rot and mold. If you store your belongings in these areas, such as antiques or clothing, the water can damage and ruin everything. You’ll not only have to repair the damage to your home but also to replace what you’ve lost.

Stop Rat Damage With Professional Pest Control

Rodent infestations cause many different problems for you and your home. If they’re left uncontrolled, these pests will continue to breed and to infest your living areas. They can damage your walls, contaminate your food and possibly spark fires by chewing through electrical wiring. Advantage is determined to remove squirrels, rats and other rodents from your home by using humane trapping methods and safe pest control procedures.

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