Common Pest Issues for Kansas City Homeowners

common pest issues kasnas city

Homeowners can face pest issues all year long.  While some pests are more prevalent in the warmer months, there are many types of pests, rodents, and wildlife that you have to deal with in the winter.

While general pests such as spiders and ants are easy to control, some pest, rodent, and wildlife issues are more complex.  They can take several visits to get under control.

Common Pest Issues for Kansas City Homeowners

Many homeowners will deal with the same type of common pests.   But, you need a professional to get rid of the issue the right way.  They customize a treatment based on your particular situation so that you can rest assured your problem is taken care of.

Kansas City Ant Control

Ants are one of the most common pest issues homeowners face. They live inside and outside and all too often, both. They can multiply rapidly, and when you see some walking across your kitchen counters, you know there are hundreds more back at the nesting site.

Ants come into your home looking for anything damp or standing water.  They are also attracted to things such as sweet and sugary food, bread, and pet food.

Make sure to clean countertops after eating to remove any crumbs or food.  Storing your food, as well as the pet’s food, in air-tight containers is also recommended.

Simply killing the ants on the inside of the home will only get rid of your problem temporarily, you need to eliminate the colony at its nesting site.

Kansas City Cockroach Control

Anyone who has had to see a cockroach scurry across their counter knows how disturbing they are. Roaches are one of the most common pest issues and one of the most indestructible with their extremely strong and flexible exoskeleton.

Cockroaches can multiply quickly, so if you see one, you do not want to fool around. Get them taken care of right away. Over-the-counter treatments you can buy at the big box stores are not recommended.

Professional treatments require you to empty out all your cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms as well as remove anything from your countertops, and require follow-up treatments.   After each treatment make sure to pick up and remove all trash, garbage, etc. from the home daily. Vacuum all crumbs and food debris from the floor, behind appliances, etc.  And, do not leave food, dirty dishes, or spills for long periods of time.

Kansas City Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are also a very common pest issue for a lot of homeowners in Kansas City. Bed bugs are found in any type of residence, it is not dependent on your type of living condition. They can be found in the cleanest of homes, apartments, hotels, dorm rooms, etc.

They are also difficult if not impossible to get rid of on your own   If you have bed bugs, you need a professional to take care of the problem.    Professional treatments can be chemical, heat, or a combination of the two.

Bed bugs are called hitchhiker bugs.   You can get them from people bringing in luggage, overnight bags, furniture, clothes, mattresses, etc.  They can hide in the seams and folds of these items without being detected.  There are a number of adverse health effects that can result from bed bug bites. This can include skin rashes and allergic reactions.

Kansas City Rodent Control

Mice and rats are also common pests we could do without. They can get into the smallest of spaces and make a nest. They will be hard to get rid of because your home is an endless supply of food, warmth, and water.

Simply setting traps inside your home to eliminate the mice won’t take care of your problem.   You also need a pest professional to perform a thorough inspection and identify and seal off any entry points to prevent them from coming back into your home.   You might see more of these infestations in the cooler months as they are trying to get inside for warmth and a place to nest.

Common Pest Issues

If you have any type of pest in your home or outside of your home, don’t face it alone. Get professional help to get rid of them for good. Call us here at Advantage TPC for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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