Mouse Prevention: 6 Things You Can Do Now to Keep Them Out

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Getting on top of mouse prevention isn’t difficult but it is necessary. They cause a lot of damage, they can spread diseases, and they are vile to find in your home.

Even if they are only getting in your garage or shed, you still want to get the situation under control. They can breed quickly and make a real mess of your home. 

Mouse Prevention: 6 Things You Can Do Now to Keep Them Out

You do need to be vigilant about keeping mice out of your home. They can get in and out of seemingly impossibly small spots. 

  • Call Pest Control

You should always call a professional if you want to take care of the problem correctly.  First, the technician will do a thorough inspection of the home to identify the entry points and nesting sites.    They will set traps to eliminate the mice in your home and seal off entry points to prevent the rodents from coming back in.   

A pest control professional will eliminate the rodents in your home as well as provide you with a maintenance plan to keep them out.  

  • Keep Vigilant

There are many reasons you don’t want rodents in your home.  Mice, unlike other pests, are not dangerous for their bite, sting, or poison, but instead, the health risks that come from the diseases they carry that are spread by mouse droppings and urine.

Another reason to stay vigilant is that mice can chew through almost anything.  This includes wiring, insulation, etc, that can cause dangerous damage to your home.

  • Mouse Prevention: Remove Food Sources

Keep the garbage outside up off the ground and in sealed containers. Make sure there is nothing dropped after the garbage has been collected. 

This goes for inside the house, as well. Keep garbage sealed and remove it regularly. Keep food off the counter and table. If you have pets, keep their food someplace safe in a sealed container. 

  • Close off Their Entry Points

As temperatures begin to fall mice are looking for a warm place to nest in.  They can get in through even the tiniest cracks and crevices.  

When your pest control professional is completing the inspection of your home have them point out any possible entry points to you.  That way if you see something similar in the future, you will know what is going on.  

  • Keep The Yard Clean

Rake up the leaves and remove any other long-standing debris. Keep the garbage sealed up and any piles of old lumber or building materials off the ground. 

Keep the grass cut and the trees and shrubs in great order. Mice and rodents can hide in these areas and are protected from other predators. Keep branches trimmed away from the house to avoid them getting in that way. 

  • Fix Leaking Plumbing

All pests will find a water supply. Whether it is from your rain barrel, a garden hose, or a leak under your kitchen sink, keep these dry and in good repair. This should include gutters, water pooling in your yard or garden, and your garage. 

Animals and pests of all kinds can be drawn to excess and constant supply of water. Don’t give them a reason to stick around. Once they find that, they will start nesting.

Mouse Prevention

Keeping mice out of your house or yard requires action. They will come back time and time again. Advantage TPC can help you get rid of the mice and install rodent stations on the exterior to help prevent future infestations.

Don’t wait until you’ve been invaded by rodents.  You can add preventive measures by having our highly trained staff put a program in place that will keep rodents away. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and our team would be more than willing to assist!

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