Prepare Your Yard for Your July 4th BBQ

What’s a Fourth of July celebration without a backyard barbecue with the people you love? Whether you’re getting together with a few friends or your entire family, nothing beats cooking out on the grill, spending time with everyone and ending the night with a fireworks show. Unfortunately, the fun may end early if fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes show up unannounced. Before you invite everyone over, you should do what it takes to keep out these unwanted invaders.

Don’t Let Fleas Gang Up On You

Where there’s one flea, there’s usually a whole lot more. These blood-sucking pests end up in your yard due to wandering cats, dogs, and other animals. You may not notice any fleas right away, but you’ll feel them bite your bare feet and legs once you step into an infested area. Fleas spread quickly and will end your barbecue in a hurry. Our team can inspect your yard for an infestation and treat the area before fleas ruin your backyard event.

Watch Out For Hungry Ticks

Ticks don’t gather in one area like fleas do, but they can cause just as many problems for you and your guests. These pests also feed on blood and linger in tall grass and on overhanging branches. They crawl very stealthily and can latch onto someone without drawing attention. Ticks transmit Lyme disease and other diseases through their bites, making them a threat to your family and friends. Our experienced technicians will treat your lawn and shrubs for ticks and keep them far from your backyard festivities.

Stop Mosquitoes Before It’s Too Late

Once mosquitoes have invaded your property, it’s hard to get rid of them. You can use a spray repellent, light citronella candles and leave out lavender oil in the area, and these blood-hunting pests will keep coming. Prevention is the key to fighting mosquitoes in the summertime. You’ll want to keep your grass mowed to a short length, to trim overgrown hedges and to eliminate any standing water around the yard. Our certified team can also apply preventative methods to ward off mosquitoes while you enjoy your barbecue.

Advantage Summertime Pest Control

A well-maintained yard goes a long way to keeping out fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. However, if you still have trouble with pests in your yard, contact Advantage Termite and Pest Control for an immediate inspection. Cutting the grass and removing standing water may help to a degree, but it takes professional pest control to eliminate difficult pests completely. Our team has the experience to identify the pests, to use effective treatment methods and to set up a pest-free zone around your home.

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