Top 3 Types of Buildings Affected by Pest Control

Apartments, single-family homes and commercial properties are all vulnerable to pest infestations in different ways. Apartment complexes are designed to house multiple families, and this means that there are many opportunities for pests to find food and warm places to build their nests. They might obtain their food supply from exposed trash cans or from crumbs on the ground. It is very difficult to maintain the level of cleanliness necessary to prevent pest infestations in multi-family apartment complexes. Single-family homes offer pests a variety of entrance points, and commercial properties face business liability if an infestation is detected.

1. Residential apartments: Apartment tenants frequently have problems with a variety of pests. This is not always a consequence of cleanliness, but the stigma tends to stick. This causes embarrassment, which can delay action. In addition, the rate of turnover can also contribute to the presence of pests. As new tenants come into the building, they might unwittingly bring small bed bugs or other insects with them on items of furniture or clothing. These types of belongings tend to be exposed to the elements during transit, and this allows bugs to have an opportunity to enter the property and begin laying eggs without ever being detected. By the time these pests hatch, the process could be far too advanced to control. This is when the pest infestation can spread to the adjacent units in the apartment complex.

2. Commercial buildings: Commercial properties face unique challenges when dealing with pest control. This is especially true for restaurants and other hospitality industries. Food and beverages will attract pests almost instantly, and any business will suffer if there are pests seen on the premises. This can have a substantial impact on the revenues of the company. If the problem grows into a full pest infestation, the business could be shut down and prevented from operating in the area. There are many possible entrance points for pests on commercial properties, and precautions must be taken to ensure that these areas are treated with effective solutions.

3. Single-family homes: Single-family homes are also vulnerable to pest infestations because these properties often are used for raising children. Kids are known to leave messes in places that are hard to find, and this can attract pests. These properties are also vulnerable to pest infestations when the neighbors do not properly take care of their trash, and this can allow rodents and other critters to examine the surroundings for additional sources of food and water. These homes also contain many cracks in the windows and around pipe fittings. Pests can enter the home if there is not a strong pest control agent causing them to turn away.

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