Pest Control Tips for your Labor Day BBQ Celebration

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Insects and other pests are probably the last thing on your mind as you prepare for your Labor Day BBQ celebration. Although this is not a step that everyone always thinks about, pest control is an important part of a happy and successful holiday gathering. The last thing you want to be worried about as you fire up your BBQ grill is whether or not mosquitoes, ticks, or flies are going to be joining the party unannounced. By taking a few simple steps, you can reduce the odds of having problems with these pests during your holiday gatherings.

Before Your Labor Day BBQ

You don’t have to wait until the problem begins to take steps to correct and prevent issues. Follow these tips in the days leading up to your celebration to reduce the risk of pests raining on your parade.

Mow your lawn

It is best to mow your grass and cut down any tall weeds the day before your BBQ. This will help protect your guests from being bitten by ticks.

Get rid of stagnant water

If you have any stagnant bodies of water around your backyard or neighboring areas, consider getting rid of these before your BBQ. Stagnant bodies of water attract mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Pick up decaying fruit

If you have fruit trees in your yard that have dropped overripe fruit, it can attract flies, bees, wasps, and other bothersome pests. Pick up and dispose of any fruit lying on the ground to help cut down on this problem.

During Your Labor Day BBQ

Keep trash cans away from the BBQ area

It can be very tempting to keep large trash cans near the gathering area. Although it takes a bit more effort, it is worth it to take trash and food scraps away from the area where guests will be gathered. Make sure you keep lids on trash cans as well. This will help drastically cut down on pests attracted to the food scraps and empty containers.

Use mosquito netting if possible

It can be very helpful to place mosquito or another type of small knit netting around the area where guests will be gathered. This can keep biting and stinging insects away from your guests and keep food sanitized as well.

Keep dishes covered when not in use

When not being served, keep all your food and side dishes completely covered either with mesh coverings designed for this purpose or something else that creates an airtight seal. This protects the cleanliness of your food as well.

Keep paper towels nearby

Keep dry cloths, hand towels, or paper towels near the food serving area to quickly wipe up any food or drink spills. If you leave spills too long, they can very quickly attract pests to the area, not to mention create a sticky mess.

Use insect repellents

You may want to invest in various forms of insect repellents such as citronella candles, bug spray, or similar things that help deter pests. If it isn’t too hot, you could also consider opting for long sleeves and long pants to avoid bug bites.

At Advantage Pest Control, we understand the need to keep your Labor Day celebration free from harmful and annoying pests. After following the steps listed here, you may want to consider having a complete inspection performed on your home and backyard. We can help you pinpoint and treat any problem areas before your guests arrive for the big celebration. Contact Advantage Pest Control to schedule an appointment today.

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