Common Signs of Wildlife on Your Property

Kansas residents who live in Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence and the surrounding area are often surprised to discover that wildlife has invaded their property. Many homeowners enjoy seeing these animals, and some even leave out food and water in an attempt to keep them coming back. That’s generally not a good idea because these are wild animals, and they may pose a health threat to humans and their pets and are capable of causing damage to your property.

Kansas Wildlife

  • Raccoons: You’ll know this furry cutie by its black mask and human-like hands. These critters are attracted by your trash and any food and water that you leave out for your pets. If you find your pet’s food bowls carried away or your trash dragged all over the yard, then you probably have been visited by raccoons. These animals have been known to carry rabies, and a dog that gets its nose in raccoon urine may contract a serious infection that is known as leptospirosis.
  • Skunks: A horrible, eye-watering odor signifies the presence of a skunk, and it is normally attracted by any trash or pet food that is left outside. This animal sports shiny black fur with a white stripe down the middle, and it will spray you and your pets when startled. Skunks may also carry rabies and transmit tularemia.
  • Squirrels: Everyone loves to see those cute little squirrels sit up on their haunches to munch on a nut, and you’re likely to have squirrels if there are trees in your yard. Problems occur when squirrels decide to take up residence in your attic space, and they often tear up the insulation for nesting material and have started house fires by chewing through the electrical wiring. If you hear scratching in your attic or see damage to the insulation, then you should suspect the presence of squirrels.
  • Groundhogs: You’ve probably seen the familiar brown groundhog on television each year determining whether there will be an early spring or more winter, but most groundhogs spend their time destroying the landscaping around homes. If you find your yard seriously torn up, then you probably have groundhogs. These animals may also carry rabies and spread infectious diseases to humans.

Professional Wildlife Control Available

Here at Advantage Termite and Pest Control, we’re prepared to take care of any wildlife or pest-control issue. We believe in providing humane trapping and relocation of these animals back into their natural environment. After removing the animal, our experienced technicians will repair any animal entry points in your home to ensure that the animal doesn’t return. Give us a call at 888-821-4508, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.

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