When it Comes to Pests, Are Warm Falls or Cold Falls Better?

For most of us, the thought of fall brings to mind images of crisp mornings, bright blue days and brisk evenings. Bring out the hoodies and warm up the hot chocolate for gatherings against backdrops of bright hues of red, orange, and gold.

The trouble is, we aren’t the only ones that like to enjoy drawing around the warmth of a glowing fire or a toasty room enjoying a great football game. There are other creatures also drawn to the comforts of heat as the seasons change. When trying to guard against unwelcome guests, it is best to know as much about their habits as possible. Which is better, a warm fall or a cold fall? Let’s look at how temperature affects the habits of many common pests.

It’s All About Warmth

No matter the species, some basic needs tend to extend across most living things. One of those common elements is the need to avoid freezing temperatures. During the cooling, pleasant days of fall, you may notice insects gathering on the sunny sides of your home. Stink bugs, Boxelder bugs and Asain lady beetles are known for seeking the autumn sun. While many of these gatherings are harmless, be aware that these creatures may be seeking to share the warmth of your home without sharing in the funding of your heat bill. Look for cracks in your wood, stone or vinyl that may be inviting these pests indoors. You want to leave as many of them outdoors as possible before the first frost hits.

Frosty Temperatures Seal the Deal

For a vast array of pests, the first frost is the swan song for their generation. Nature has amazingly protected the continuation of their species without the threat of overpopulation. Often the adults die off once freezing temperatures hit, yet the eggs are safely tucked away for new generations. The sooner the first frost arrives, the less time pests have to find ways into your home to use your space for their breeding grounds and nurseries. While many creatures such as fleas die off, others like moths and butterflies migrate to warmer temperatures. Still others seem to disappear by burrowing into trees or underground. You will notice a marked difference in activity after the first frost.

Balance is the Key

“For everything there is a season.” This common wisdom bears out in the matter of pest control. Frigid temperatures ward off over populations of many species and keep them in check. They also cause most common irritants to go into a state of dormancy or disappear altogether.

Cold Falls are the Champions

So which should you prefer, a warm fall or a cold one? If you could ideally arrange the weather, you might hope for several delightful days of fall to savor and use for guarding your home against unwelcome guests. Use them to inspect your home and caulk up any cracks or weak areas that will allow heat to escape and creatures to invade. Then welcome the frosty days that hint of winter ahead. Early cool days mean less pests with which to contend.

No matter the temperature, preparation is the key. Guard yourself with knowledge and prevention. Contact Advanced Termite and Pest Control today for more information! Then enjoy the bright, festive days of fall as they come to you.

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