Signs of Pest-Infested Holiday Trees

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Nothing gladdens the heart like the approach of the holiday season. There are many delights in the coming festivities, from decorating to entertaining. However, if you are not educated in the inspection of your holiday trees for bothersome pests, you may be doing more entertaining than you desire. Keep your home pest free by following these helpful guidelines.

Proceed with Care

The holidays can prove to be some of the most hectic times of the year. Rushing may grant you some moments here and there, yet add untold hours of ridding your home of a pest invasion. In order to win this battle, you must slow down and become intentional at the onset. Upon arrival, isolate your tree outdoors. Then try some of these simple, effective methods for inspecting your tree:

  • Know What You’re Looking for- Educate yourself on the insects that most often inhabit coniferous trees. Look up pictures of aphids, spiders, and beetles that are native to these holiday evergreens. Examine carefully, for the average inhabitant will be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch long.
  • Shake It Up, Baby- Once you have your tree in a cleared area away from your house, shake it thoroughly. If the tree is inhabited, this action can cause some insects to fall from the branches, Others will begin actively crawling so that their presence is easier to detect.
  • Shed Some Light on the Subject- Use a high-powered flashlight to inspect the branches and trunk for telltale signs of inhabitation. Look for little brown and red spots or moving colonies that are only visible in groups. Also, peruse for other signs than the creatures themselves, such as small holes in the trunk or tiny sawdust trails that may lead you to moving insects.
  • Turn Over a New Leaf- Don’t forget to turn over several branches to inspect the underside where many eggs or egg cases may be attached. One egg could produce dozens or even hundreds of a new generation of pests, so they must not be overlooked.

Make an Informed Decision

Once you have slowed down and performed a thorough examination of your tree, proceed with confidence. If you find your tree heavily infested, return it for another one. Consider purchasing a different variety, and inspect the tree before leaving the lot. If you are fortunate to find little or no telltale signs of the presence of pests, move your treasure indoors for setup and decoration.

Assure yourself a pleasant, pest-free experience by following these effective methods for uncovering signs of pest-infested holiday trees.

Above all, guard yourself against unwanted pests not only during the holidays, but all year long. Call Advantage for all your pest control needs. We stand ready to help with a complete variety of detection and extermination services to fully protect your family and property in every season and situation.

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termite pest control kansas city exterminator
termite pest control kansas city exterminator
termite pest control kansas city exterminator
termite pest control kansas city exterminator
termite pest control kansas city exterminator
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