Where to Check You and Your Pets for Ticks

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From local park trails to your own backyard, the opportunities to pick up unwanted ticks are far-reaching and frequent. Finding one on yourself or on a family member, friend or pet is particularly alarming, as their capacity for spreading dangerous diseases is far greater than many other common pests.

While it’s critical to find ticks on your body quickly to prevent serious infection, their small size and sneaky tendencies make them hard to spot, especially if you are unsure of what to look for and where to look.

For your next outdoor excursion, use these helpful tips on where to check for ticks on you and your pets.

Where to Check for Ticks on Your Body

Ticks show up in any area with long grass, dense shrubs or wooded areas with extended limbs for them to hang out on. If you are coming back from hiking or just coming in from the yard, do a full body check before getting in your car or walking into the house. Carefully check your clothing and gear to make sure it’s free of ticks. Pay special attention to your shoes and around your ankles. Run your fingers through your hair and check around your head, neck and shoulders. Have a partner check your back and anything you cannot check yourself. 

Ticks can be less than a millimeter in size, so it is critical that you check with your hands for small bumps that you may be unable to see. When you return home or to a comfortable location to perform a more thorough check, follow these steps to find ticks on your body:

  • Before changing clothes, use a bathroom or room with a mirror and good lighting and strip down for a full body check.
  • Ticks prefer and migrate to warm, moist areas on the body. Check your groin, armpits, belly button, around your waist and behind the knees.
  • Take time to completely check your scalp and hair, behind your ears and around your neck.
  • Consider taking a shower to wash loosely attached ticks off you while you do a full body check.

Where to Check for Ticks on Your Pet

Apply a similar process and level of care when you check your pet for ticks. Use your fingers to work through their fur, feeling for any odd bumps. Pay attention to these common spots for ticks to settle in:

  • In and around the ears.
  • Around the eyelids.
  • Around the neck, under the collar.
  • Under and behind the front and back legs.
  • Under and around the tail.
  • Between the toes.

Ticks can be a persistent hazard if not dealt with properly. Our experts are available to assist with your tick prevention and removal needs. Contact Advantage Termite & Pest Control today for more information on tick prevention or to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.

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