3 Ways To Prepare For Termite Swarms

Advantage Termite and Pest Control provides effective pest control solutions to customers in the Kansas City Metro, Lawrence, & Topeka areas. Our professional service team uses the latest technology and methods to effectively control any pest infestation. Our commitment to quality service includes educating our clients about actual steps they can take to prevent an infestation of termites from causing severe damage to your lawn and home. Our preventative services are effective because they address items around your home that might attract termites. Use these prevention tips to keep the termite swarms from getting out of control later in the year.

Preventing Termite Swarms

Our customers rely on our service professionals to deal with termites. However, we also advise taking three specific precautionary steps to avoid allowing these pests to gain easy access to vulnerable areas of your home. It is also important to remember that termites can cause extensive damage to the interior of the home as well. If they are able to enter the home through windows, cracks or other openings, you might experience significant amount of damage before you are able to get them out.

Three Ways to Prepare

Preparing for a termite swarm is critical, and you should take three specific steps to minimize the damage to your home. Termites feed on wood, and this includes certain areas in the foundation of your home. If they enter the home, you could also face additional damage to your floor, wooden items, window frames and any exposed beams.

Keep these three steps in mind when you prepare for termite season:

1. Repair any areas that have been damaged by water leaks from floods, burst pipes or leaky areas in the roof. Termites thrive on moist wood, and they will smell this attractive aroma from a significant distance.

2. Clean all of your drains, gutters and exposed pipes on the outside of your home. When these drains and pipes get clogged, the water might overflow into the surrounding area. This may damage exposed wood, so take this precaution seriously.

3. Remove any plants and weeds that are growing around the foundation of the home. Termites can use these plants to gain access to the vulnerable parts of your foundation, and this is difficult and expensive to repair.

Advantage Termite and Pest Control

Our company is dedicated to minimizing the potential damage caused by termite infestations. These pests are common in many areas of the country, and we can help the residents and business owners in Kansas. Contact our company if you require assistance getting your home or office prepared for a termite swarm. Contact Advantage Termite and Pest Control for all of your pest control needs.

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