Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

Although they seem to be the ultimate goal of any homeowner in the Kansas area, beautiful spring lawns do not simply appear overnight. The sooner you get started on some simple steps to get your lawn ready to be the pride of the neighborhood in the spring, the more you will enjoy the beautiful results.

The preliminary step to take care of your lawn is to clear away all debris, including fallen tree branches and unwanted yard objects. Along with instantly improving the appearance of your lawn, removing debris will allow fertilizer and pesticides to be absorbed more efficiently by the lawn.

To get ahead of crabgrass and other unruly weeds, it is best to apply fertilizer and weed killer as early in the apring as early as possible. It can be reapplied later in the season, but this is the most proactive way to make sure that you are not spending the entire spring season fighting off pervasive weeds from your otherwise lucious lawn. You should also make sure to mow the lawn frequently in the early spring season so that the grass does not grow in uneven patches or get out of control too quickly. Before the spring season starts, you can cut dead branches down from trees and make sure they are properly trimmed. This will prevent your lawnmower from being damaged by thick branches or areas of grass from fully growing.

Preparing and maintaining a gorgeous lawn is a serious time investment. This is why using a professional lawn care service can make all the difference in getting your lawn into pristine condition. At Advantage, we provide top-quality lawn care services to customers through Kansas and are the first choice in exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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