6 Kansas City Lawn Care Summer Tips

Kansas City Lawn Care

The summer heat can do a lot of damage to our lawns, so it’s important to be aware of Kansas City lawn care maintenance. Cutting and watering aren’t always enough.

You should consider having a professional lawn care service to make sure your lawn remains lush, green and healthy. You want to enjoy your lawn and keep it looking its best and be the envy of the neighborhood.

6 Kansas City Lawn Care Summer Tips

A great lawn doesn’t just happen, it takes care, patience, and professional lawn care treatments.

1. Plenty of Water

Keeping your lawn well-watered helps keep it healthy. If you water it in the morning, you can prevent diseases from forming. Water it a few times a week and make sure you give it a proper soaking.

Watering it when it is too hot can burn the grass and it will also evaporate much faster, so it doesn’t get the full effect. Or, watering late or overnight allows the water to sit and it can cause rot or invite diseases.

2. Cutting the Grass

Another important Kansas City lawn care tip is not to cut your grass too short. In the height of the heat in the summer, the grass can get burnt. When the grass is too short, the soil can get too dry and scorched.

Keep it a bit longer and set the blade of your mower at a higher level, to not damage the grass. When you cut the grass, leave the clippings where they are as a protector to the grass and the soil.

3. Take Care of Your Mower

Your grass isn’t the only thing that needs attention. Taking care of your lawnmower is taking care of your lawn. Keep it well-maintained with the blade sharpened and make sure it’s clean and if the blade is damaged, replace it.

4. Clean Up

Check the lawn every day for any garbage that may have landed there. Paper, plastic, or other debris can kill patches of grass if it is left sitting too long. Certain materials can rot and that will cause the lawn to rot, too.

Clean up the animal droppings, be it yours or your neighbors. These can cause a discoloration of the grass. Pick up the hose, toys, lawn chairs, and other items left on the lawn to avoid stains, marks, or dents in the grass.

5. Weed and Fertilizer

It’s best to leave the weed control and the fertilizing to the experts. Some weed-killing products can be harmful to you and to animals. If fertilizer or weed products are used incorrectly, they can burn or damage the lawn and make you or your pets sick.

Herbicides and pesticides should be applied by a Kansas City lawn care specialist. You don’t want to put on too much or not enough. Plus, you never know what is in them and if they contain toxins, these can seep into your soil.

6. Aeration

Compacted soil makes it harder for the grass to grow and grow evenly. Schedule an appointment to have the lawn aerated to loosen up the soil. This will help the lawn from getting waterlogged in certain areas and improve the drainage of your lawn.

Kansas City Lawn Care

For a better healthier lawn, contact Advantage Termite and Pest Control. We offer a variety of lawn care services such as fertilizing, weed control, overseeding, verticutting, and aeration.

We also offer start-up, winterization, and repairs of your irrigation system. Our unparalleled workmanship combined with proper lawn mowing and watering will give you a beautiful lawn throughout the year.

We work closely with both commercial and residential properties in order for you to get that beautifully manicured lawn you want.

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