How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home this Summer

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If you have ever tried to get rid of ants, you know how difficult it is. You might manage to get rid of them in one area just to have them reappear in another.

Ideally, the best way to get rid of ants is with a professional pest control company. Home remedies and store-bought sprays might work for a while, but you want to hire someone who knows how to get rid of your ant problem for good!

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home this Summer

Unless you are an expert on ants or pests, chances are you will have a difficult time getting rid of them. There are several different kinds of ants, and each need a specific treatment to get rid of them.

Home remedies might work for a minute, but they don’t eliminate the ants altogether. Sprays or treatments that you can buy over the counter will kill the ants, but it doesn’t get rid of the source.  . If you don’t eliminate the colony, you will continue to have ants appear.

Plus, many of the sprays or solutions available at the store can be harmful to you, to your children, your pets, and may even damage or stain your home.

You need a professional to come in, identify the type of ants you have, find out where they are coming from, and find their nest or colony. Once Advantage TPC has been to service your home, you can rest assured your ant problem will be taken care of.

Keeping Ants Away

After your professional pest control technician has taken care of the ant problem, you can make sure they never come back. If you have pets in the home, ask your technician about tips for keeping ants away from your pet’s food bowls.

Remove Standing Water

Anywhere there may be standing water will draw ants. Perhaps a small drip under the sink or a spot where moisture gathers from summer humidity.

Remove Food Sources

Keep your counters wiped off and pick up any crumbs, no matter how small, off the floor. Wipe down the kitchen table, and anywhere else people are eating.

It’s more difficult to get rid of ants if you have pets. If you have pet food bowls make sure there are no spills or bits of food or water that are spilled out.

Be mindful with your grocery bags, regardless of what type you use. If there are bits of food stuck in them or moisture of any kind, the ants will be drawn to it.

Seal Dry Goods

Ants can nest into almost anything. Even an unopened package of rice or breakfast cereal. Put these food items in sealable containers like jars or plastic with tight lids. You can also keep them in the fridge to make sure the ants don’t get in them.

Seal Cracks or Holes

Ants can get into your home through the tiniest of spaces. Keep these sealed up or plugged to deter ants from getting in.


When you call a professional pest control technician they will place bait where the ants are seen.  The ants will then feed on the bait and take it back to the colony, thus killing off the rest of the ants.  For example, you have ants on your kitchen counter, if you simply treat and kill the ants on contact it won’t kill off the colony, and you will continue to have ants.

Once a pest control professional gets rid of the ants, the best way to maintain a pest free environment is to get set up on a quarterly pest control program.   If you need service for your ants, call us at 913-768-8989 or find us on the web at Advantage TPC.

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