Bed Bugs Don’t Just Infest Beds

Once bed bugs get inside your home and establish a nest, catching them right away is vital if you don’t want the problem to spread. Knowing the places the pests like to hide is a good step in the right direction, improving your odds of containing the threat. You probably believe bed bugs only hide in mattresses if you are like most people. The truth is that these pests can hide in many places in and around your bedroom, and learning about the other places you can find bed bugs is a powerful step in the right direction.


Looking in your nightstand for the red flags of bed bugs is a smart move you don’t want to overlook. Located within 5 feet of your bed, nightstands offer shelter from detection and easy access to a host each night. You can use a flashlight to check inside your nightstand for bed bug shells and fecal matter that give away their presence.

Couches and Chairs

When bed bug populations grow or you try to eliminate the parasites, they will migrate to different parts of your home before you know it. They always want to stay as close to you and other hosts as they can, so your couches and chairs are ideal locations. Looking under the cushions and inside the frame can help you spot the pests before they can cause any more harm.


Bed bugs that need hiding spots will sometimes infest your walls, and finding them will be a difficult and challenging task. They use small cracks and holes in your walls to gain access and remain beyond detection for as long as possible, and the parasites can stay there for weeks or months before you notice something is wrong. Fecal matter on your walls is a good sign that bed bugs might be near, and you will need to act quickly so that you can avoid further complications.

Advantage Termite and Pest Control

Contacting a team of pest control experts the second you spot bed bugs is the wise move. The pest control team you hire will search for and find the pests that have been making problems, and they will destroy the invaders in no time. The kind people at Advantage Termite and Pest Control will have your back and get the job done right, giving you peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate and contact us right away.

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