Bed Bugs: Where Do They Come from and How Do I Prevent Them?

Of all the species of pests which can cause you trouble, bed bugs hit closest to home. What’s a worse place to have blood-sucking insects lurking than in the very mattress you sleep on? Luckily, bed bugs don’t have to be a problem as long as you know where they come from and take some precautions against them. Here is a quick look at the behavior of these pests and prevention methods you should know.

Where Do They Come From?

To start us off, let’s take a look at how bed bugs get into your home in the first place. For such small creatures that are unaware of public transportation, it does seem quite odd that they are able to move around as much as they do. However, bed bugs have a couple of things going for them. For one, they’re resilient. Even if it takes them months to settle down someplace for a bite to eat, bed bugs can go up to a year without feeding. Also, bed bugs are hitchhikers. They let us carry them around from place to place, and all they have to do is grab on to an article of clothing, a bag, or a piece of furniture. We really make it too easy for them, but we don’t have to.

How Do You Stop Them?

Now that we know how these pests get around, we can make sure they don’t get anywhere near us or our beds. One of the best ways you can do this is by checking pieces of used furniture, luggage and clothes for signs of bed bugs, including small, reddish smears (bed bug feces), light yellow eggshells and live bed bugs themselves, which are brown and about the size of a sesame seed. Also, try to keep your place uncluttered, as bed bugs are good at hiding in piles of junk. Lastly, vacuum your floor frequently in case any stowaways have slipped past your watchful eyes. In general, be vigilant and your bed will continue to be for you and you alone.

You have other problems to worry about, and painful, itchy bites shouldn’t be one of them, so do yourself a favor and keep bed bugs out of your life. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Advantage Termite & Pest Control today.

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