Can Termites Still be an Issue in the Fall?

Termites are one of the most destructive pests you can have in your house. They may not bite or sting, but if left unchecked, they can completely ruin your home, costing you up to thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’ve had termites all Summer long, does the coming Fall mean that you’re soon to get a break from these relentless destroyers? Not quite. Here are some things you need to know about termite behavior during cooler temperatures.

What Do Termites Do During the Fall?

Termites are small insects about the size of a grain of rice that live in colonies and consume cellulose, a nutrient which can be found in wood, paper, cardboard and some types of clothes. They form their colonies in all sorts of places, usually trees, as there they can live, reproduce and eat all in the same spot, though they become especially problematic when they find their way into our homes. This is a general overview of termites. Now, how does their behavior change in the Fall? It doesn’t. Termites may burrow deeper underneath our houses to escape from the cold, so we’re less likely to them out in the open, but they never stop eating, which means there isn’t any time of the year when termites aren’t a problem. But what about swarming (when mature termites fly off to find mates and start new colonies)? Doesn’t that happen more frequently in the Fall and Winter? That’s not true either. Termites swarm whenever they reach maturity, which can happen during any month.

How Can You Prevent Them Year Round?

Now that we know that termites don’t stop eating our houses during the Autumn, it’s time to discuss how to keep them away. First, seal as many entry points to your house as you can, specifically around water and gas lines, as these are spots where pests are most likely to get in. Also, try to eliminate any food and water sources that termites can feed off of by investing in a dehumidifier and using cellulose-free mulch for your garden. Finally, if you have termites, it’s always important to have professionals inspect your home and eliminate them with chemicals before they do too much damage.

Termites are destructive creatures which never take a break, so don’t take a break from driving them out of your house. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, contact Advantage today.

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