Protecting Your Business from a Kansas City Rodent Invasion this Winter

Rodent Invasion kansas city

The prospect of a rodent invasion are always a concern for business owners like yourself, but the winter months are oftentimes especially tough to handle. As soon as the first chill of winter settles in, it seems like rats and mice become more common in your business’s closets, storage cupboards, or even in your offices!

It’s crucial to protect your business from a rodent invasion this winter and beyond. Let’s break down why, plus go over how you can control a current rodent infestation with professional help.

Why Are Rodents Worse in Winter?

Simply put, because it gets cold out!

As mammals, rodents want to be warm and protected from the elements just like us. In many cases, they find the warmest place for the winter is your business due to its building insulation, its heating system, or simply because they can make their way indoors through a gap in the walls, open doors, or some other entry point.

Even worse, rodents can set up long-term nests in your business or its buildings. Come spring, they may have babies, worsening the infestation and starting the cycle anew when winter returns.

Winter Rodent Activity in Kansas City

In the winter months from December to March or so, rodents often cause significant damage or hazards to businesses and homes alike. For example, rodents like mice  may:

  • Dig into your business’s insulation in the walls and ceilings to build nests
  • Get into stored food, contaminating it
  • Spread diseases from urine and feces
  • Chew through wiring, wood, paper, cloth, books, etc.


Since the cold temperatures continually drive rodents indoors, it can be difficult, if not impossible, for you to remove a rodent infestation by yourself.

How to Protect Your Business from Rodents in Winter

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your business from rodents throughout the winter and beyond.

Take Preventative Kansas City Rodent Control Steps

First, take preventative steps to stop rodent infestations from taking hold in the first place. You can do this by:

  • Removing accessible sources of food or water
  • Getting rid of items that may provide easy shelter for rodents, such as empty boxes in corners
  • Sealing exterior holes and gaps in your commercial property
  • Trimming all trees and bushes to be about 4 feet from your roof – such branches are easy ways for rodents to get into your business building’s ceiling
  • Keep all garbage cans or other receptacles sealed
  • Repair or replace any damaged vent screens for your windows
  • Clean up garbage and debris frequently

Hire Pest Management Experts

If your preventative efforts aren’t enough and you still get a rodent infestation, don’t give up. Instead, hire pest management experts like Advantage TPC.

As local Kansas City pest control experts with years of experience servicing businesses in the KC metro area, we’re the best choice for getting rid of rodent infestations quickly, and thoroughly.

With our commercial rodent control services, your rodent infestation will be taken care of and your business kept safe from future infestations through expert advice and other preventative measures.

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When you need rodents taken care of at your commercial property quickly and efficiently, there’s no one better than Advantage Termite & Pest Control. Contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide for your business.

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