Weird Pests and How They Impact Your Home

When people think of pests, they often imagine black ants, wasps, mice, etc.; normal creatures you often find in North American homes. However, there are some pests which are truly unique and unusual that you may notice, often released into the United States from foreign locations. While these pests may be fascinating, if not taken care of they can cause a significant amount of harm to both your house and the ecosystem. Here are a few weird pests to look out for and the problems they may cause.

Strange Pests and The Problems They Create

Giant African Land Snail

These massive snails have been imported into America for zoo exhibits. However, some of them have made their way into the wild and have integrated into the ecosystem. The giant African land snail can weigh about as much a grapefruit, and they are enthusiastic eaters, consuming over 500 species of plants. Not only can giant African land snails eat away a large portion of the agricultural industries yield, but they also cause structural damage to some buildings, can carry parasites that cause meningitis, and eat lungworm imbued rats feces which it stores inside its mucus. People have tried to eliminate these disturbing pest from the wild for a long time but to no avail.

Gambian Pouched Rats

Gambian pouched rats can grow to just under three feet long and they weigh nine pounds. They have most likely been introduced to America by a resident in Florida attempting to breed them as pets. Gambian pouched rats don’t have any natural predators in Florida, so their population size is increasing dramatically and affecting the local ecosystem in potentially destructive ways. If you see one of these rodents, contact environmental officials and let them know as they have been attempting to control them since 2007.

Conehead Termites

Though native to the Caribbean, the conehead termite has made its way to the U.S. and is responsible for large amounts of property damage. These pests can consume shrubs, trees, roots, structures, furniture, paper products and fences and they can adapt to many different environments making them an especially tricky pest to contain and eradicate. Environmental officials are anxious to wipe them out before they become a permanent fixture in the United States’s ecosystem.

If you see any of these peculiar pests, in your home or in the wild, make sure you let the proper authorities know. This will make it easier for them to contain the threat and easier for you as you won’t have to suffer from the consequences of them getting out of hand. While removing an entire species from an ecosystem is a hassle, at Advantage Termite and Pest Control, we have what it takes to get rid of any pests you may have, foreign or domestic. For more information, contact Advantage Termite and Pest Control today.

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