Is Termite Damage Insurance Claims Allowed?

While the purpose of homeowner’s insurance coverage is to reduce the financial risk associated with unforeseen circumstances. Some things like termite damage can become excessive both in costs of repairs and treatment to remove the pests. A question that is often asked is, if you have termite damage can you file a claim with your insurance company to help relieve some of the costs of the repairs and removal of the pests? Unfortunately insurance companies generally deny the claims for termite damage.

Insurance Coverage Claims

Many insurance companies will not consider termite damage as an unforeseen circumstance and will not allow the claim. The reason is there are signs your home has termites. The most known signs include:

  • Termite tunnels
  • Wood damage and carvings in the wood
  • Sagging or buckling in the floors
  • Black flying insects that look like ants

Because termite damage can continue to worsen for years, it is important to inspect your home regularly for any of the signs above. If you see any one of the signs, you must take action! Call an exterminator immediately who specializes in termites.

Protecting Your Home

Since homeowners insurance will not generally cover termite damage, there are other ways to protect your home. If you currently own a home, have it inspected regularly by a pest control specialist. These regular inspections will help you avoid potential costly repairs in the future. The inspections will help determine if a treatment plan needs to be established or an existing plan needs to continue or become more aggressive.

If you are about to purchase a home, make sure you have it inspected for not only maintenance and repair items but also pests. Taking the extra step with a pest inspection can help provide you with vital information on potential issues like termites and termite damage. If during the pest inspection the house is determined to have termites and termite damage, it’s not too late. You can re-negotiate the sale contract to have the damages corrected.

Many insurance companies do not write policies for termite coverage. Pest control companies can help with termite maintenance contracts. These contracts generally include regular inspections and treatment for termites. If there is damage due to termites, after the exterminators have eliminated them repair the damage. Continue to watch for the signs for termites and contact Advantage immediately if any of the signs return!

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