Spooky Kansas Pests

If you live in Kansas, then you’ve probably seen a few spiders or other pests that look rather ordinary. However, there are a few bugs and pests that look spooky and almost look like they are designed for Halloween. Some of these pests are dangerous to humans and should be avoided while others are just looking for a meal.

The Abbott’s Sphinx Moth is a moth that doesn’t look like the typical moth you might see flying around. They have a ragged appearance, and there is a white tail feather that looks out of place. Colors of dark green, brown, and purple adorn the moth. Fortunately, it’s just like any other in the moth world and enjoys meals of insects. Another moth that has a spooky appearance is the webworm moth. It’s orange, black, and white stripes make it look like a Halloween decoration. The legs appear to be larger than its skinny body. This moth enjoys living in flowers and feeding on the nectar from them.

Creepy Bugs Aren’t Just Halloween Decorations

One of the pests that have a frightening look is the acorn weevil. It looks like a miniature dinosaur with a long antenna on each side of its head and a body that looks like an armadillo. The bug usually lives in acorn trees, eating them for meals and using larger acorns as a nursery.

A bug that you might want to stay away from is the assassin bug. It has long legs that are bent, long antennae, and a skinny body. As it walks, it appears to look like a scorpion of some type. This bug will often bite if it feels threatened. The bite can be painful, but it’s usually not life-threatening. Centipedes also fall into the category of spooky pests in Kansas. They look like they have a thousand legs and have a long body. Although they usually don’t bite and eat smaller insects, such as ants, they can pinch your skin.

If you see any of these pests in your home, you could try to use products that keep them away. However, if you don’t want them to come around or if you fear that they could harm someone in your home, then contact Advantage Termite and Pest Control. The company can come to the home to use products that will eliminate the pests and that will keep them from coming back.

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